open hardware portable music player

6ca4042 0 unrouted on r9, silkscreen positions mostly fixed

6 hours ago

dda2ef0 maybe the touchwheel cover should be checked in somewhere!

3 days ago

f9aec8b split the lua thread registry into its own files

4 days ago

2a25085 version bump

5 days ago

28651fa Wait for the sink buffer to drain before stopping playback

5 days ago

79be8a8 Merge branch 'main' of codeberg.org:cool-tech-zone/tangara-fw

6 days ago

3f6256f Merge branch 'main' of git.sr.ht:~jacqueline/tangara-fw

7 days ago

5866513 Move the list of unexplored files into spiram

10 days ago

4509ab8 version bump

11 days ago

c591765 Cram one of the flac samples buffers into internal ram

12 days ago

f772ab9 put the big opus alloc back into spiram

12 days ago

66f68aa version bump

12 days ago

7ec0ff2 Switch to the lowmem tremor branch

12 days ago

b31bc07 fix (improve?) libtremor strangeness

13 days ago

3bb002b Merge branch 'main' of codeberg.org:cool-tech-zone/tangara-fw

13 days ago
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