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GNU Compiler Collection


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


The GNU C Library (glibc)


an instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools


a collection of utilities and libraries to read, create and modify ELF binary files, find and handle DWARF debug data, symbols, thread state and stacktraces


bb98f71 x86: Check interrupt instead of noreturn attribute

2 minutes ago via gcc

f12697f i386: Enable _BitInt support on ia32

22 minutes ago via gcc

a25d7d1 testsuite: xfail gcc.c-torture/compile/pr61159.c on Solaris/x86 with as [PR61159]

52 minutes ago via gcc

8b53ea2 gdb: s390: Add arch14 record/replay support

an hour ago via binutils-gdb

24aa051 match.pd: Guard 2 simplifications on integral TYPE_OVERFLOW_UNDEFINED [PR114090]

an hour ago via gcc

af66ad8 middle-end/114070 - folding breaking VEC_COND expansion

2 hours ago via gcc

6987f16 i386: Fix up x86_function_profiler -masm=intel support [PR114094]

4 hours ago via gcc

4972f97 x86: Properly implement AMX-TILE load/store intrinsics

6 hours ago via gcc

f8c018b gprofng: Add hardware counter profiling for the Ampere system

9 hours ago via binutils-gdb

29c238c LoongArch: bfd: Correct the name of R_LARCH_SOP_POP_32_U in howto_table

9 hours ago via binutils-gdb

6411b30 Daily bump.

10 hours ago via gcc

ad178a2 Daily bump.

10 hours ago via gcc

177f7d2 Automatic date update in version.in

10 hours ago via binutils-gdb

9f78a7c x86_64: Exclude SSE, AVX and FMA4 variants in libm multiarch

11 hours ago via glibc

94687d1 Merge dmd, druntime ceff48bf7d, phobos dcbfbd43a

11 hours ago via gcc
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